Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Artefacts

Hey there loyal archaeology buffs!

So far there has been lots happening over here at Port Arthur. The Hospital dig is going well and some interesting finds are being excavated- a trade token from a shop in Hobart Town was uncovered, lots of hand made nails, made by the boys from Point Puer during convict times. Also a convict made vessel with a green lead glaze was excavated from near the Separate Prison and was cleaned in the Lab last Thursday. The majority of the pieces of this vessel were jigsaw puzzled back into the greater part of the vessel.

The weather here for excavation ranges from a hot and windy 30 degrees to cold gale force winds and this can occur in the space of one day! It rained for the first time this morning and there are gale force winds forcast, hopefully this won't interfere too much with the advancement of the excavations.

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