Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Extreme Archaeology!

On Sunday 13th of Jan. We excavated in gale force winds and were quickly covered in dirt! It was also a battle to stand up when wind gusts came a-calling. Then it rained at about 4:45pm. There were some great finds to come out of the trench that day however: a shoe, partial wine bottle, a glass congac flask, a fragment of ceramic with the Rhine pattern, two bricks with a broard arrow on it, a key, and a metal ring that could have come from a pan.

The Key

Pan Rim

Brick with the broard arrow

There has also been alot happening in the Lab! Cleaning, Sorting and Cataloguing. The special or diagnostic artefacts are also being drawn, by our talented volunteers Sarah and Michelle, and photographed by a few others. The photography process can also help identify atrefacts that combine to make a vessel or ornament when they have been found in different parts of the trench. Below is Me (Laus) puting the final piece on a 20th century ornamental Clogg with a blue image of windmills and water (pictured further below).

The visitors center here at Port Arthur is very informative and interactive. Pictured is Ally being sentanced and also in shackles.

That just about brings you up to speed for the moment,
Lauren (a humble volunteer)

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